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Adibuja completely alters your experience of purchasing. With a few clicks, you can order online thereby avoiding traffic jams on your way to the store, no parking, carrying heavy bags back home. In addition to this, you also save time spent on the billing lines. We save not only your precious time but also your hard-earned money by offering you products at the lowest rates possible. In addition to this, we also provide products with deals, offers, and discounts. Simply put, we care for your budget and it is reflected in our pricing.

• We obsess over customer delight.
• We are out there to find an alternate way of doing e-commerce.
• We carry an attitude to develop a culture of learning and continuous improvement, both for people and processes.
• We believe in Uncomfortable Transparency.
• We will always be respectful, empathetic, and caring about the well-being of our teams.
• we encourage experiments and creativity in Technology.
• We develop and use technology to enhance day-to-day life and have a positive impact on customers.
• We encourage experiments and creativity in Technology.

The opportunities we have are perfect for highly motivated and talented candidates. We are looking for candidates who have a strong passion for customers, a keen sense of ownership, and a drive to deliver results.


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1. Assistant Category Manager




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2. Supply Lead


 Qualification & Skills:

You are a good candidate if you have the following:

Interested candidates can mail us at: [email protected]