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Alziba Cares Activated Charcoal Detoxifying Bathing Soap Bar (Pack of 4)

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Product Description

ACTIVATED CHARCOAL DETOXIFYING SOAP is created by heating a high-carbon material and then "activating" it with hot air or steam. Because of its large surface area, the activated charcoal in soap theoretically binds to dirt and oil on the skin and helps clear out pores. Bamboo charcoal bathing soap has antibacterial, deodorant, and antifungal properties. Anions from bamboo charcoal have excellent adsorption forces and can effectively clean excessive pollutants from your skin while keeping it acne-free. This bathing soap deep cleans your skin. Bamboo Charcoal soap also contains a variety of nourishing nutrients that help keep your skin smooth and radiant. This bathing soap comes in a combo pack of 4. This charcoal soap is suitable for men & women. This charcoal bathing soap is Vegan Certified, Paraben-free, Gluten-free, Non-toxic & cruelty-free


How To Use

Step 1:
Apply the soap on your wet body 
Step 2: Gently massage to form a lather.
Step 3: Rinse and wash off completely with water.

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