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Alziba Cares Argan Oil and Biotin Shampoo with Pumpkin Seed oil and Green Tea Extract

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500 ml

Product Description

Stressed-out tresses and frizzy flyaways aren't pretty, but thanks to Al Ziba Argan Oil and Biotin Shampoo, you can bring your hair back to life, naturally! Infused with the goodness of pure argan oil, along with Biotin pumpkin seed oil and green tea extracts that protect your hair by adding a boost of moisture resulting in healthy, shiny, and strong hair and an ever refreshed scalp!
Its rich nutrients coat the hair with an infusion of lasting moisture while gently cleansing your hair and allowing your scalp to breathe free to leave your hair naturally smooth, shiny, and manageable. 
This unique blend of nutrient-rich components is a boon for frizzy, tangled, and dull hair. Totally free of harsh sulfates and parabens. Ideal for all hair types.


How To Use

1. Apply on damp hair and massage gently with fingertips.
2. Work on the lather for a few minutes and let the natural ingredients do their magic. 
3. Massage out while rinsing with cold water.

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