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Alziba Cares Caffeine and Keratin Shampoo with Niacinamide and Saw Palmetto Extract

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500 ml

Product Description

Get damage-free hair that feels oh-so-smooth with Al Ziba Caffeine Keratin Shampoo. Formulated by combining dynamic ingredients with natural actives that energize, strengthen, and protect hair from roots to ends. Caffeine stimulates hair growth, promoting naturally softer and shinier hair. Keratin gets absorbed by the hair cuticle resulting in hair that has more volume, less frizz, and lots of gloss. The healing and enhancing properties of palmetto extracts and niacinamide make your hair silky, sleek, and strong. Loaded with natural goodness, this enriching shampoo improves ahr texture by penetrating each hair follicle, energizing, and strengthening the hair roots inside and out. Free of Parabens and Sulfates, this shampoo is the ideal companion for all hair types as well as colored hair.


How To Use

1. Apply on damp hair and massage gently with fingertips.
2. Work on the lather for a few minutes and let the natural ingredients do their magic. 
3. Massage out while rinsing with cold water.

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