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Alziba Cares Raspberry & Lily Refreshing Shower Gel Body Wash

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Price: ₹ 449.00  

300 ml

Product Description

A bright, floral blend of sun-ripened raspberry, soft pink lily, and castor oil revitalizes your beauty, moisturizes skin, and improves smoothness with raspberry & lily refreshing shower Gel body wash. The shower gel body wash, which stimulates collagen production and slows the ageing process of the skin, will keep you looking young and bright every day. Raspberry's vitamin C & antioxidant content can help to reduce signs of ageing such as dark spots and wrinkles. Lily has anti-inflammatory properties and soothes skin rashes and irritations. It also aids in the cleaning of pores, resulting in even skin tone and soft, smooth skin. The Vitamin c present in citric acid in shower gel makes your skin lighten & brighten. This Shower gel is suitable for men & women of all skin types. This alziba body wash is Vegan Friendly, Paraben-free, Non-toxic & Cruelty-free


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