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Alziba Cares Spearmint & Fennel Icy Breeze Shower Gel

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300 ml

Product Description

Revitalise your skin every day with spearmint & fennel icy breeze shower gel body wash. Keep your skin cool and hydrated. and have an immediate cooling and refreshing impact that lasts all day. Have flawlessly clean skin that is delicately perfumed with the refreshing aroma of spearmint and fennel in shower gel body wash. Spearmint is a great way to clean your skin, and because it gives off a cooling sensation, it also makes your skin feel rejuvenated. This shower gel contains the fantastic element fennel, which is great for all skin types but especially for oily and acne-prone skin. The dirt and bacteria that cause oil buildup and breakouts are removed by their own antiseptic capabilities. This product's cranberry extract in body wash effectively combats free radicals to lessen age-related visual symptoms such as fine lines, wrinkles, dyspigmentation, and loss of suppleness. This shower gel body wash is suitable for men & women with all skin types. This al Ziba cares body wash is Vegan friendly, Paraben-free, Non-toxic & cruelty-free. 


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