Basil Leaves

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Product Description :
- Basil leaves are medicinal herb, which is also known as sweet basil. It belongs to the mint family. Leaves are glossy and oval-shaped, with a smooth tip and found all year round. Basil leaves are popularly known as tulsi in India.
- Basil leaves grow in a humid, warm climate with aromatic, sweet smell where some leaves are red and green having a red stem. Basil leaves grow in well-drained soil and need plenty of water in summer.
- Basil leaves grow up to a height of 18 inches and is a bushy shrub. Its color changes from light green to dark purple. It contains a reddish flower with tiny fruit. 
Nutritional profile
There are plenty of basil leaves nutritional benefits, few of them are:
- Basil leaves contains vitamins and minerals such as 0% cholesterol, 8% potassium, 6% fibre, 6% protein,105% vitamin A, 30% vitamin C,17% calcium, 17% iron, 10% vitamin B-6, and 16% magnesium.
- It contains polyphenolic flavonoids such as vicinen and orientin.
Health benefits
Basil leaves benefits are off the chart. Some well-known ones are:
-Basil oil is extracted from the leaves to make oil, which is used to cure cuts and wounds and reduce skin infections.
- Basil leaves contain a lack of vitamin K, which is used in blood clotting.
- You can buy basil leaves online that contain anti-bacterial properties that prevent us from a skin infection, mosquito bite, cold, and cough.
- Basil leaves are used in ayurvedic medicines.
- Basil oil is used as skin creams to reduce roughness and wrinkles.
- Basil leaves are used fresh or dried in tea, dishes, etc.


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