Bingo Chilli Sprinkled Potato Chips

M.R.P: 50   Price: 50
100 gm

Product Description :
Bingo! Chips Original Style Chilli Sprinkled potato chips are made in the authentic flat-cut style, gently sprinkled with fiery red chili powder. The thinly sliced potato chips will blow your tastebuds away with their flavour. Bingo! Original Style Chilli Sprinkled potato chips also have a light, and incredibly crispy texture.

Key Features :
The thin-cut, flat style potato chips from Bingo!Yumitos Chilli Sprinkled are made with selective quality potatoes. They are seasoned with salt and spicy chili powder after they are cooked.

Benefits :
Crispy crunchy and spicy.

How to Use :
Serve Bingo! Chips Original Style Chilli Sprinkled at any time of the day. Mid-day hunger cravings, movie night, or a small house party, Bingo! Chilli Sprinkled is the best way to munch on something light and scrumptious. Enjoy a tasty cold beverage such as cold drinks, fruit juices, or even an iced tea with these spicy potato chips.

Storage :
Store in a cool, dry, hygienic place.


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