Bingo Mad Angles Achari Masti

M.R.P: 50   Price: 50
130 gm

Product Description :

- Tired of going around in circles? Eat Bingo! Mad Angles. Enjoy the desi flavour of mango pickles in the form of deliciously crunchy triangle chips
- Made from a corn base, the unique texture of Bingo! Mad Angles adds to the crunchy fun
- Perfect triangular shape with the lip-smacking flavour of your Dadi’s Achaar; Bingo! Mad Angles chips will give you desi nostalgia with every bite
- Crunchy and super tasty from every angle, Achaari Masti has a balanced flavour
- Add the MAD in the madness to your party with the jumbo pack of Bingo! Mad Angles Achaari Masti


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