Bingo Mad Angles Very Peri Peri

M.R.P: 50   Price: 43 14% off
130 gm

Product Description :

- Spice up your day with the yummy crunchy Bingo! Mad Angles Very Peri Peri.
- Keep the tissue box handy and an excuse ready as the chips will make your mouth as well as your eyes water.
- The crispy and perfectly triangular Bingo! - Mad Angles chips are cooked with rice grits and flour.
- The fiery Peri Peri chilies are added to the chips which will set your senses on fire with every crunchy bite.
- Pop open the pack whenever you want to shake things up.
- Whether you’re listening to your professor drone on, waiting for your phone to update or waiting for your local train.
- A bag of Bingo! Mad Angles Very Peri Peri will always bring the madness you crave.


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