Booster Alkaline Drink (Pack Of 12)

M.R.P: 900   Price: 900
Pack Of 12

Product Description :
- Antioxidant and Immune Booster: Booster alkaline water contains antioxidants and is rich in vital minerals, which are essential in maintaining healthy cells. It’s like an expert who detoxifies our body in all the possible natural ways and helps you gain and retain energy for a longer period of time.
- Always Healthy and Fit: This prevents constipation, flatulence, and gastric problems. It is very necessary to detoxify our bodies so that they stay healthy and fit.
- Minerals Rich Water: Booster Alkaline Drinking Water is a unique blend of enhanced minerals and alkaline water. It is enriched with daily essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, and sodium, has an alkaline pH of 8 or higher, and is more hydrating than regular water.
- Other Benefits: Booster alkaline water offers superior hydration, better detoxification, and reduces acidity.
- Natural Taste: Natural, refreshing, and crisp flavor. This healthy water is better than packaged drinking water.


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