Brooke Bond Red Label Natural Care Tea- 1 kg

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1 kg

Product Description:
Red Label Natural Care Tea contains the goodness of 5 Natural
Ingredients - Cardamom, Ginger, Tulsi, Mulethi and Ashwagandha.
These 5 ingredients give a unique flavour resulting in a tasty, rich cup of tea. For over 140 years, Brooke Bond's experts have blended the best teas to create your perfect cup of tea. The Brooke Bond Tea Excellence Centre comprises experts that create the best blend of teas as signature offerings to delight your senses.
- Red Label Natural Care is a tasty masala tea with 5 ayurvedic ingredients such as ginger, tulsi, cardamom, mulethi & ashwagandha
- It has been clinically proven to enhance Immunity
- Contains only natural ingredients
- The 5 herbs are known to be very beneficial for us, as per Ayurveda
- Ginger is known to help protect from cough and cold, cardamom to help in digestion, and tulsi to help build body resistance
- Mulethi is known to help soothe the throat and ashwagandha to help with stress


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