CHERRITOS Dark Roast Coffee, Set Of 3 Combo Pack 50 Gms Each

M.R.P: 675   Price: 610 10% off
Combo 3 pcs

Product Description:
Explore the finest quality coffees from across the globe and satisfy your unique taste, with our range of freshly roasted single origin and blended ayurvedic coffees. We forge partnerships with responsible farmers to bring you the best authentic coffees from india. Its easy to get lost in the moment over a robust cup of your favorite dark-roasted coffee. Fuller-bodied and bold, these coffees feature robust flavors and a lush mouthfeel. Each cup is full of enough body and intrigue to entrance the senses until the last drop. Made from Quality coffee beans in 70:30 ( coffee : chicory) ratio. Zesty cardamom coffee is made by indulging pure cinnamon and cardamom extract to the dark roast coffee, which makes it unforgettably unique with a spicy-sweet flavor. When you want to have something unique, hot and flavory drink, zesty cardamom coffee is for you. Relish your taste buds with our coffee. While the numerous benefits of fresh ginger are well known, dry ginger or dry ginger powder is known to be equally effective. What more, you can use it in your daily dose of coffee. In fact, dry ginger coffee is an important beverage down south which not only makes for an aromatic beverage but is also known to boost immunity.


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