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Coriander Seeds Whole/Dhaniya (Sabut/Khada/Gota/Akha/Sukha)

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Product Description:

Coriander seeds whole, khada, or sabut dhaniya is a versatile spice in Indian kitchens. It has a vibrant lemony taste that serves both culinary and medical benefits. Whether consumed as powdered, seed, or fresh, dhania will always add charm to your dishes.

About this Item:

- Coriander seeds or dana contain B-carotenoids and flavonoids that can help to maintain blood sugar levels in diabetic patients.
- Dhania beej also aids digestion by making bile acid for better protein breakdown.
- Consuming boiled coriander water may also relieve bloating, aid weight loss, and improve overall immunity.
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Do not forget to top your dishes with fresh green coriander leaves for enhanced taste and aroma. You can buy them online from Adibuja. We have different quantities from 250 gm – 1 kg and above for all your needs.

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