Custard Apple/Sharifa

Custard Apple/Sharifa

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Custard apple (also known as sharifa in India) belongs to the family of small trees or shrubs Annonaceae and is a member of the evergreen tree. It is green in color with scales and segments. It is also known as sugar apple. Custard apples are sweet and juicy in taste. To avoid going out in the crowd, one can buy custard apples online.


Nutritional profile


  • Custard apple contains sodium (2 mg) and potassium (195mg), and is also rich in vitamins such as vitamin C and vitamin B.
  • Custard apple contains 1 % vitamin A, 14 % vitamin C, 1% calcium, and 1% iron and also contains carbohydrate (25 g), fiber (4 g), and sugar (19 g).


Health benefits


Following are the health benefits of custard apple:

  • Custard apple contain vitamin C, which is beneficial for skin and hair problems.
  • It contains a lot of antioxidants and vitamin C, which is good for eyesight.
  • It is rich in potassium and magnesium that protects us from cardiac disease.




  • Custard apples are used in dessert drinks such as milkshakes, custards, or ice cream.
  • Custard apple juice is used to kill lice in hair.
  • Fragment of root bark is used to reduce pain in the tooth.




  1. Custard apple milkshake


  • Ingredients: 4 ripe custard apple, 2 cup milk, 3 teaspoon sugar, and ice cubes
  • Cooking steps: Add custard apple, milk, sugar in a mixer jar to blend it until it becomes thick. Pour it into a glass with ice cubes and serve.


  1. Custard apple ice-cream 


  • Ingredients: 1 cup chilled cream milk, 1 cup milk powder, 3/4 cup chilled cream, 3 tablespoon sugar powder, and 1 cup custard apple pulp
  • Cooking steps: Add cream milk, milk powder, chilled cream, sugar powder and whisk it until it becomes smooth. Add custard apple pulp and mix it until it becomes fluffy and put in a refrigerator container for 5 hours. Soft creamy ice-cream is ready to serve.