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Divya Shree Kidney Detox Capsule

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Product Description:
Divya Shree Kidney Detox Capsule is a natural and ayurvedic formulation made using a combination of herbs and minerals which helps in detoxifying the kidneys and urinary tract. It contains ingredients like Punarnava, Varun, Gokhru, Shigeru, Manjistha, Kasni, and Guduchi, which are known to support kidney health and help maintain the balance of electrolytes in the body. The syrup also helps in reducing the symptoms of kidney stones, urinary tract infections, and bladder pain. It may also help in improving the functioning of the kidneys and promoting healthy urinary flow.

Benefits :
1. Detoxifies the kidneys and urinary tract
2. Supports kidney health
3. Maintains electrolyte balance in the body
4. Reduces symptoms of kidney stones, urinary tract infections and bladder pain
5. Improves functioning of the kidneys
6. Promotes healthy urinary flow
7. Supports liver health
8. Enhances immunity
9. Boosts overall health and wellbeing

Varun, Gokharu, Apamarg, Pashanbhed, Kulthi, Hajrul, Yahud Bhasam, Yavakshar, Shilajeet, Sajjikhar

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