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Fojie Hazelnut Instant Coffee

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50 gm

How one seemingly simple nut can provide such rich, velvety flavor is beyond us — but it totally does. Earthy undertones and a strong hazelnut flavor make this classic roast a fan favorite. It's crisp, clean, and oh-so delicious. And it's most definitely worth drinking all year round.

Start your day the right way and enjoy the flavors of our Hazelnut Instant coffee.

Enjoy Hazelnut Flavored Coffee without the jitters any time of day.

Now you can enjoy coffee flavored with hazelnuts without the trip to the café.

Clean and crisp hazelnut flavor.

A smooth and flavorful medium roast coffee, specially blended and roasted to deliver great taste.

DELICIOUS FLAVORED COFFEE: Stock up on flavored instant coffees that deliver the intense taste you’ve been looking for without keeping you up at night.

Fojie Coffee sells some of the tastiest, most innovative flavored coffees available today.

Enjoy the great taste of Fojie Coffee at home.

100% premium coffee grown, picked, and graded.

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