Happy Eggs

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Product Description :
Egg yolks and whole eggs store significant amounts of protein and choline
Doctors recommend having at least one egg every day. A rich source of protein, various vitamins and amino acids, it is one of the rare food items that contain diverse nutrients.
These are one of nature's most wholesome and cost-effective foods. /p>
Affordable price, great packaging and delivery at doorstep.
Nutritional Facts
- Per 100 gm (Approximate):
- Protein- 12.6 g,
- Carbohydrates - 1.12 g,
- Calcium - 100 mg,
- Phosphorous - 175 mg,
- Iron- 1.35 mg,
- Riboflavin (B2) - 1 g,
- Vitamin A - 150 mcg,
- Vitamin B12- 1 .11 mcg,
- Vitamin D - 85 IU ,
- Vitamin E - 1.03 mg.
Enriched with more protein and vitamins
How to Use
- You can bake enjoyable cakes, cookies, scones etc. with eggs; try your hand over at family pasta as well.
- It is twisted boiled, sunny-side up, deviled or evened.
- The Indian method curry eggs can be finished in so many unique tasty ways.
- An egg can give you a health kick in no time at all!
- It is the ideal ingredient to add to your child's breakfast for growth and development.
- Eggs can be consumed in various ways like omelettes, boiled eggs, egg bhurji and in any of the dozen egg recipe.


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