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Joyo Multipurpose Lightweight and Durable Square Plastic Knit Step Stool

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Price: ₹ 899.00  

1 pc

Your home is where your heart is We at Joyo, make every corner of your home come alive with the infinite magic of plastic, infusing its colours and aesthetics in daily life We fill your lives with happiness through products that touch your everyday life Joyo has always endeavored to bring joy of life to people through our innovative & high-quality products This cane stool by "Joyo Plastics" that combines minimalistic design with time tested comfort and functionality From conventional shapes to modern designs, joyo presents a variety of stools/patlas to choose from

Perfect for this 1-step stool is perfect for reaching things on the top shelf, dusting ceiling fans, helping kids reach the sink or anything that requires you to gain some extra height! The 1-step design gives you the ability to reach things at different heights so for scenarios when the top step is too tall you can use the bottom one! skid-resistant & non-slip

The tops of the steps on the stool have non-slip treads opposed to having a flat surface to help you keep a sturdy stance without having to worry about your feet slipping out from under you! The bottoms of each leg also come complied with slip-resistant treads to prevent the stool from sliding on slippery surfaces such as polished wood or tile!

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