Lays Indias Magic Masala Chips

M.R.P: 30   Price: 30

Product Description :
Grab this crispy Lays Magic Masala potato chips to experience a unique burst of Indian flavour and spices! Your favourite pack of Lays potato chips now comes with a desi twist.

How to Use :
It’s a mouth-watering snack to enjoy while watching a movie when you are working from home, or while you are on a weekend outing.

Shelf Life :
150 days

Benefits :
- BURSTING FLAVOUR: The Lay’s India’s Magic Masala spice blend will excite your taste buds
- QUALITY POTATOES: Made from the highest quality, farm-grown potatoes
- 100% VEGETARIAN: Lay’s India’s Magic Masala is a 100% vegetarian snack
- PERFECT FOR ANY OCCASSION: A versatile snack that can be enjoyed in any setting
- SHELF LIFE: For the best flavour, crunch, and overall experience, Lay's India’s Magic Masala is best consumed within 5 months


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