Makino Nacho Chips Roasted Masala

M.R.P: 35   Price: 30 14% off

Product Description :
- Convenient Multi-Packs: Explore the convenience of our multi-packs of Nachos, offering an array of snacking options in one package.
- Premium Corn Composition: Crafted exclusively from high-quality corn and nourishing corn oil, ensuring a delectable and satisfying snacking experience.
- Perfect Fusion of Textures: Savor the perfect blend of baked and fried options in our nachos, providing a harmonious and delightful crunch.
- Healthier Indulgence: Indulge in a satisfying crunch with 40% less fat compared to regular potato chips, making snacking more mindful.
- Gluten-Free Goodness: Delight in gluten-free snacking with our nachos, catering to dietary needs without compromising on flavor.
- Non-GMO and MSG-Free: Embrace the quality of Non-GMO Corn, free from MSG, for a healthier and more conscious snacking choice.
- Zero Trans Fat and Cholesterol-Free: Relish the pure goodness of our Nachos, crafted without trans fat or cholesterol, ensuring a genuinely wholesome snacking experience.


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