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Mango Badam-1 Kg

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1 kg

Product Description:

Mango Badam Has A Bright Dark Golden Yellow With Red-Spotted Hue. It Is Juicy, Nutrition-Rich Stone Fruit With Exclusive Fragrance, Flavour, Varieties And Health Enhancing. It Has A Rich, Creamy Sweet Pulp And Tender Texture With Shallow Fiber Content And Delicate, Superior, Delightful Fruit. It Has A Distinct, Rich Taste, A Perfect Blend Of Aromatic Sourness And Sweetness. It Is Very Rich In Nutritional Value. Enjoy The Goodness Of Real Fruit In A Delicious Creamy Dessert.
1. Sweet 2. Fresh 3. Natural 4. Hygenically packed
How to Use:
1. Use it to make juice, smoothies, and ice cream. 2. It is eaten fresh as a snack or used in salads and other dishes.

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