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Mango Kesar Regular- 1 Kg

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1 kg

Product Description:
Mango Kesar Regular Is Intensely Sweet In Taste And Superior In Flavour. Its Enticing Saffron Pulp Is Very Aromatic, Less Fibrous And Offers An Acidic Edge.Kesar Is A Renowned Variety Of Superior Quality Mangoes In Terms Of Flavour And Eating Quality. This Is A Small To Medium Mango With A Roundish Shape And A Distinct Curved Tip. It Has A Relatively Unexciting In Appearance, Having Skin That Is A Dull, Slightly Mottled Yellow Colour, Perhaps With A Green Tinge When Less Mature. Kesar Mangoes Are Rich In Fiber, Iron, Vitamin A, C & E And Boost The Immune System.
1. Sweet 2. Fresh 3. Hygenic 4. Juicy
How to Use:
1. It can be cut and sliced, used to make shakes, juices, salads and can be served with ice creams and other desserts.

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