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Mango Lalbaug- 500 Gm

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500 gm

Product Description:

Mango Lalbaug Is Intensely Sweet In Taste And Superior In Flavour. Its Enticing Saffron Pulp Is Very Aromatic, Less Fibrous And Offers An Acidic Edge.Kesar Is A Renowned Variety Of Superior Quality Mangoes In Terms Of Flavour And Eating Quality. They Are Round In Shape And Slightly Greenish, The 'Lal' (Red) In Lalbaug Probably Originates From The Red Color It Turns On The Top End. It Has A Relatively Unexciting In Appearance, Having Skin That Is A Dull, Slightly Mottled Yellow Colour, Perhaps With A Green Tinge When Less Mature. Kesar Mangoes Are Rich In Fiber, Iron, Vitamin A, C & E And Boost The Immune System.
1. Sweet 2. Fresh 3. Hygenic 4. Juicy
How to Use:
1. Use it to garnish most of the dishes 2. It can be used by chopping or whole leaves, chopped coriander stalks and coriander paste.

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