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Mango Langra-1 Kg

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1 kg

Product Description:

Mango Langra Is The Most Popular Juicy Variety Of Mangoes. They Are Juicy And Aromatic With A Vibrant Green Color Skin, The Pulp Is Fibrous And Is Juicy For Eating. This Mango Breed Is Incredibly Unique And Self-Indulging In Its Own Way. These Mangoes Are Harvested At The Right Time And Ripened Naturally And Are Also Rich In Minerals Like Iron, Folate, Magnesium, Etc. This Is The Juiciest Of All Mangoes And Extremely Sweet.
1. Juicy 2. Sweet 3. Fresh 4. Hygenically packed
How to Use:
1. They are often used in preparing aam ras, mango murabba, aam panna, mango lassi, candies and many other amazing desserts.

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