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Mango Totapuri-500 gm

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500 gm

Product Description:
Mango Totapuri Has A Parrot Beak Like Tip And Hence The Name Derived As Kilimooku. Totapuri Is Also Known As Kallamai, Collector, Kalamani Across Various Regions. These Mangoes On Ripening Turns Yellow With Thick Skin And Yellowish Orange Pulp Inside. Totapuri Mango Makes For An Irresistibly Sweet, Mouth-Watering Treat For Its Rich, Juicy And Delicious Flavour. This Mango Has A Piquant Flavour, Something Different From The Others. It Is Easily Recognized By Its Beak-Like Pointed End And Golden Yellow Hue.

1. Sweet 2. Fresh 3. Hygenic 4. Juicy
How to Use:
1. It is widely used in the preparation of delicious mango sorbet, ice cream, juice, jam, Lassi, souffle, mousse, etc.

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