Myor Pahads Himalayan Unpolished Ramgarh Small Red Rajma / Kidney Beans Dry

M.R.P: 249   Price: 249
Product Description:
  • What makes this specific variety stand out from others is that it has 6-8 times more proteins when compared to other rajma varieties.
  • Ramgarh Small Red Rajma ’s has always been on top of any food table, whether it is Mexican or Indian recipes.
  • Our company works directly with farmers located near the Himalayas who grow these pulses.
  • Ensuring they would reach your table safe and yummy! This ensures that you are getting the freshest product delivered right to your door!
  • We can assure you that if you serve these Rajma, your guests will be fully satisfied. Don't believe me? Just ask everyone who has tried it so far.