Natal Care- Papaya Epicarp Body Butter

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Product Description:
Carica papaya a tropical tree carries a magical succulent fruit which is loaded with nourishment. The main enzyme called Papain is the key ingredient in acceleration of skin healing and collagen production in the skin cells. Drastic reduction of wrinkles and scavenging free radicles can also be listed as function of Papain in a skincare product. It also cleans pores and reveals a bright, clear complexion by penetrating the inner layers of skin and thoroughly removing dust, filth, and excess oil/sebum discharges. Even with higher antioxidant levels, Papaya can be safe for sensitive skin like it is for other skin types.

INGREDIENTS: - Shea butter, Mango butter, Soya wax, Glycerine recovered from plant source, papaya peel extract, Avocado (carrier oil), Grapeseed oil (as stabilizer), FCT, permitted preservatives.

APPLICATION: - Apply a thin layer of the cream and wait till it is absorbed. The dust off the dry granules of the extract and let your skin rest. As the cream is oily, heavy on skin and high in antioxidants, preferably use it in the night for maximum results.