Natal Care- Watermelon Epicarp Body Butter

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Watermelon also called as Citrullus lanatus is a super hydrating fruit grown on vines and show significant amounts of Vitamin C, almost 13% per 100g of weight, Vitamin B6 and vitamin A. The most interesting part of the watermelon for consumption is considered to be the sweet red part of the fruit, but scientifically speaking the highest amounts of active ingredients of the fruit are in the green peel or green grind of the fruit which usually is discarded. The antioxidant levels in the melon are present in the green peel part and works as a perfect anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and can control sebum secretion useful for all skin types.  

INGREDIENTS: - Shea butter, Mango butter, Soya wax, Glycerine recovered from plant source, Watermelon peel extract, Watermelon seed oil, Grapeseed oil (as stabilizer), FCT, permitted preservatives.

APPLICATION: - Apply a thin layer of the cream and wait till it is absorbed. The dust off the dry granules of the extract and let your skin rest. As the cream is oily, heavy on skin and high in antioxidants, preferably use it in the night for maximum results.