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Pumpkin Green/Kaddu Hara

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Green pumpkin grows up to a height of 6 inches high and 15-17 inches in width and weighs about 20-30 pounds. It is dark green with orange blush skin. It is found throughout the year in supermarkets or vegetable shops.

Pumpkin grows in well-drained sandy loam soil under cold climatic season. The number of pumpkins grows onto the ground attached to its vine.


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1. Pumpkin juice

Ingredients:  1 cup pumpkin, 3 carrots, 1-piece ginger, and 1 cup apple

Cooking Steps: Add pumpkin, carrots, ginger, apple in a mixer jar and blend it until it becomes smooth and strain it into the glass. Now it is ready to drink in the diet.


2. Pumpkin soup

Ingredients: 2 cup mashed pumpkin, 1 sliced onion, 2 garlic cloves, 1 cup chopped tomatoes, 1 cup water, salt, and pepper for taste

Cooking Steps: Add pumpkin, onion, garlic cloves, chopped tomatoes, water into a pan and steam for 10 mins. Then transfer it into a jar and blend it until it becomes smooth, then pour it into a bowl and sprinkle salt and pepper above it. Now it is ready to serve.


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