RUSHIKHADI Pimple Care Soap/Medicated Pimple Soap- 3 Pices

M.R.P: 267   Price: 267
75 gm

Product Description:
Pimple Care Soap / Medicated Pimple Soap :
Say goodbye to pesky, unwanted pimples with our Pimple Care Soap! Our specially-formulated soap helps eliminate pimples and prevent them from coming back, giving you clearer and healthier-looking skin. Made with natural ingredients, our Pimple Care Soap is gentle on your skin while still providing powerful pimple-fighting benefits. Use it daily and say hello to a fresh, blemish-free face!
Features & Details:
-Product Ingredients - Soap Noodles Base, Disodium EDTA, S.L.E.S, Titanium Dioxide, Glycerine, Protein Powder, Talc Powder, Vitamin E, Tea Tree oil, Allantoin, Triclosan, Fragrance, Color Yellow(C.I.12740) Q.S.
-Direction To Use - To apply on your face and daily, massage gently 2-3 minutes, then clean off. It can be used on face withall skin types.
-Products Instructions - Store in a cool and dry place protect from direct sunlight and electric LED light, Avoid contact with eyes


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