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Sprite Cold Drink- 600 ml

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600 ml

Product Description:

Introducing Sprite, the refreshing and invigorating carbonated beverage that will quench your thirst and leave you feeling revitalized! This cold drink bottle contains 600ml of the perfect mix of lemon and lime flavors, delivering a zesty and satisfying taste experience. Sprite's unique formula is made with natural flavors and does not contain any artificial preservatives or colors, making it a healthier beverage choice. The crisp and clean taste of Sprite makes it the perfect choice for any occasion, whether it's to cool off on a hot day, or to pair with your favorite meal. The convenient 600ml size makes it easy to take with you wherever you go, whether it's to the work, or on a road trip. So, why wait? Treat yourself to the refreshing and delicious taste of Sprite today!

About this Item:

- 650 ml Cold Drink Bottle
- Carbonated Drink
- Contains Caffeine
- Refreshing Summer Drink
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