Strawberry (200gm box)

Strawberry (200gm box)

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Strawberries are heart-shaped silhouettes. These powerful small packages protect your heart, increase good cholesterol, lower your blood pressure, and protect against cancer. Strawberry is widely known for its bright red color, characteristic aroma, sweetness, and juicy texture.


Nutritional profile


There is plenty of nutrition in strawberry. Following are some of its details:

  • Strawberries have vitamin C 65%, vitamin E 2%, vitamin K 2%, folate 6%, choline 1%, calcium 2%, iron 5%, magnesium 3%, phosphorus 3%, and potassium 3%.


Health benefits


Following are the benefits of eating strawberry:

  • Strawberries help in pregnancy, so it is excellent for pregnant women or when you are trying to conceive.
  • Strawberries help to maintain a healthy weight.
  • As these are low in calories, they prevent heart diseases.
  • Also, they prevent type-2 diabetes as they are quite low in sodium and sugar.
  • Strawberries have potassium, which helps control blood pressure and acts as a buffer against the adverse effects of sodium. It also helps to reduce high blood pressure.




  • Strawberry based creams are beneficial to get rid of ageing problems.
  • Moisturizers containing strawberries offer glowing skin and help to recover sunburns if any.
  • Strawberry-based shampoo is also used to prevent hair fall.




  1. Strawberry pastry


  • Ingredients: 250 gm flour, 125 gm butter, 75 gm icing sugar, egg, vanilla essence, 1/2 kg strawberry, and some cream
  • Cooking steps: Take 250 gm flour and knead it well. Mix butter, icing sugar, yolks and vanilla essence. Make a smooth paste. Keep it in a cool place for about half an hour. Roll out into two 8" rounds about 1/4" thick rolls. Move to the baking sheet and let them cool for 15 minutes. Bake it for 15- 20 minutes at 180 degrees. Fill the rolls with fruit and whipped cream. Arrange the pastry at the top and apply icing sugar and cream to it.


  1. Guava juice with strawberries


  • Ingredients: 200 gm box fresh strawberries, some guava juice, milk, honey, sugar for taste, and ice cubes
  • Cooking steps: Slice the strawberries and add any fruit you like. Add guava juice, some milk, and honey, including ice cubes. Mix all the ingredients and let it cool, now put it in a glass and serve it.