Thai Ginger (100gm)

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Thai Ginger belongs to the ginger family and is also known as Siamese ginger, Thai ginger, and blue ginger. It grows to a height of about 5 feet, the leaves are long, narrow blades, and the flowers, are with white petals and deep-red veins.

Thai Ginger is aromatic, pungent, and spicy and mainly found in northern Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and other countries.

Thai Ginger is grown in a humid and warm environment and is well-drained in soils at least 30 cm deep.


Nutritional Profile 


  • It contains (15 grams) carbohydrate, (1 gram) protein, (1 gram) fat, (2 grams) fiber, (5.4 grams) vitamin C.
  • Thai ginger contains essential nutrients and vitamins such as pyridoxine, riboflavin, vitamin C, and pantothenic acid, required for good health.


 Health Benefits


  • In Ayurvedic medicine, Thai Ginger extraction is used to relieve cold, cough, and sore throat symptoms.
  • It is a rich source of antioxidants that protect your cells from damaging free radicals flow in the blood.
  • These are rich in antioxidants and have an anti-inflammatory property that reduces joint pain.




1. Thai Ginger Tea

Ingredients:  3 cups of water, 30-40 (gm) root of Thai ginger, and sugar to taste


Cooking Steps:  Crush the ginger in a mortar, place a vessel, and add water and tea in it and let it boil. Steam for at least 7-8 minutes till it is reduced to three-fourths. Add sugar to individual cups, and strain the tea into cups and it is ready to serve.

2. Thai Ginger Juice

Ingredients: 1-piece fresh ginger root (peeled), 1 glass orange juice, lemon juice, and cotton cloth


Cooking Steps:  Grate the Thai ginger root. Place it in a cotton cloth to squeeze into a glass, then pour orange juice and squeeze the lemon juice into it. Now it is ready to drink.





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