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Thums Up Charged- Berry Bolt, 2X Caffeine, 250 ml

Thums Up Charged- Berry Bolt, 2X Caffeine, 250 ml

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250 ml

Product Description:
Thums Up Charged Soft Drink is delicious on a hot summer's day. The Thums Up Charged Soft Drink helps you gain energy and sustains you when the heat of the sun is too much to handle. Whether you're out on a school trip, out for a long day of shopping, or just a long road trip, beat the exhaustion and heat with a sip of Thums Up Charged Soft Drink. Caffeine is sure to brighten your day and give you instant energy and hydration. A travel pack size, the 250ml bottle is perfect in every way, you can carry it in your backpack, and feel no weight added. Explore the wide range of Thums Up drinks including Berry Blast, Cola Flavour and more available.

Carbonated water, Sugar, Acidity Regulators (330, 331 (iii)), Caffeine (24.6 mg/100 ml), Colour (129), and Flavours (Nature identical flavouring substances). Contains caffeine: “61.5 mg/2250 ml”

Nutritional Facts
Per 100ml
- Energy 62 kcal
- Carbohydrates 15.4g
- Total Sugar 15.3g
- Added Sugar 15.3g
- Total Fat 0g
- Protein 0g
- Sodium 13.8mg

How to Use
For an instant boost of energy, enjoy this refreshing drink at any time.

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