Tilsona Til Oil Bottle- 500 ml

M.R.P: 230   Price: 230
500 ml

Product Description :
Processed using the classical cold-press method, Recon Cold Press Sesame oil is produced from the finest revadi quality white seeds from Gujarat. In the traditional style, the seeds are gently pressed in a temperature-controlled setting without using any external heat or harmful solvents. The outcome is, a naturally enriched premium oil with all the essential ingredients intact.
Key Features
- Single-press collection with no additives
- Rich in antioxidants and nutritional value
- High in OMEGA-6 and Vitamin E
- Fine aroma & rich taste make for a healthy cooking oil option
- Nourishes skin and helps slow ageing
- Trusted by Ayurveda, provides base for numerous medicines
Sesame (Til/Gingelly Oil)
Storage Instructions
Store in a cool, dry place away from heat and light.


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