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True Elements Instant Pongal Mix 250gm

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250 gm

Product Description:
Get the flavour of one of the most popular South Indian dishes but with a healthy twist! Pongal is a spicy comfort dish from the southern parts of India. This traditional dish is prepared with a combination of rice, moong dal and other spices.
True Elements Instant Pongal Mix is made of 100% Wholegrain Instant Oats, aromatic seasonings and rich, nutty cashews nuts. This mix is a complete blend of taste and health. The savoury, spicy flavours satisfy your taste buds, while the plethora of nutrients helps maintain your overall well-being. It is packed in complex carbohydrates and therefore keeps you full for a longer duration. This makes it a perfect meal for weight-watchers.
This savoury Pongal mix is perfect for days when you are in no mood to make an elaborate meal but also want to satisfy your hunger. You can now relish delicious Pongal within 5 minutes with our Instant Pongal Mix."

How will benefit you
- Helps in Weight Loss
- Improves Digestion
- Helps Regulate Blood Sugar Level
- Promotes Muscle Gain

Instant Oats (60.8%), Moong Dal (19.4%), Seasoning (Black pepper, Rock Salt, Dry Ginger, Asafoetida, Turmeric), Dry Ginger, Cashewnuts, Whole Black pepper, Cumin seeds, Dry Green Chillies, Soybean oil, Rice flour.

- A popular South-Indian dish made from Whole Instant Oats.
- Instant Pongal can be prepared within 5 minutes of cooking
- Rich in Antioxidants makes it a healthy option for the whole family.
- Packed in 13.4g of Protein
- No Artificial Flavouring, No Presentaives, No Added Sugar

How to Use
- Take 1 cup of the mix
- Add 5 cups of water and stir well
- Boil until the water evaporates 
- Garnish with veggies

Good Source Of
Protein, Fibre, Antioxidants

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