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Watermelon Small (Weight around 1.5kg- 2kg)

Watermelon Small (Weight around 1.5kg- 2kg)

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Watermelon is a plant species that belongs to the family of Cucurbitaceae. The favourable climate for the growth of Watermelon ranges from tropical to temperate regions throughout the world.

It is a very sweet, delicious fruit that consists of a soft juicy flesh, which is majorly red to pink in colour. It consists of various tiny black seeds. 

The inner flesh of watermelon can be eaten raw or cooked as per the choice, although the green and the hard rind is edible after it is cooked.


Nutritional Profile (800 grams)



Health Benefits




1. Watermelon Halwa

Watermelon, powdered sugar, salt, ghee, dry fruits

Cooking steps-
Peel a watermelon and chop into small pieces, blend them in a mixer. Sieve the puree before cooking it. In a pan, add 1 tsp ghee and let it heat. Later add watermelon puree and powdered sugar. Cook for a few minutes and add dry fruits. Cook for another 30-40 minutes. Once it is perfectly thick, freeze it for a few hours.


2. Summer Watermelon Juice

Ingredients: Watermelon, lemon, black salt, sugar/honey, mint leaves

Cooking steps:
Take a watermelon and chop it into small pieces. In a mixer, put those pieces along with lemon juice, mint leaves, black salt, and sugar if required. Blend all the ingredients well. Later add ice and blend again to make it thick. Serve cool.

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