Wood apple/Bael fruit (Pack of 2)

Wood apple/Bael fruit (Pack of 2)

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Wood apple belongs to the Rutaceae family and grows up to the height of 1 foot from the ground and looks like a coconut with hard green or brown shell. The pulp of this fruit is yellow to brown, depending upon its ripening period. It also contains numerous small white seeds and is sweet or sour, which is found all over the world.
Leaves are deciduous, smooth, leathery, and dark green contains a group of red or green flowers. Wood apple hangs over the branches of the tree like a coconut fruit. Wood apple grows in sandy, loamy, and light soil, but it should be well-drained and requires a hot, humid climate for cultivation.


Nutritional profile


Following are the facts about nutrition in bael fruit:

  • Wood apple (100g) contains 124 kcal energy, carbohydrates (18.1g), sugars (0g), fiber (5g), water (64.2g), fat (3.7g), and protein (7.1g) in it.
  • It also contains the composition of vitamins and minerals such as 1417%, riboflavin (B2), 53% niacin (B3), 4% vitamin C, 13% calcium, and 46% iron in it.

Health benefits

There are plenty of bael fruit benefits. Some of them are:

  • Wood apple is best for the digestive system, gives relief from diarrhea and dysentery, and also prevents us from constipation, pain, or discomfort.
  • The root of the wood apple tree gives us relief from ear pain.
  • Wood apple contains vitamin C, which boosts our body strength and prevents us from various infections.




  • Wood apple is used in making juice, pickle, and jams.
  • The sticky solution or gum is used in making watercolors, ink, dyes, and varnish.




1. Wood apple juice

Ingredients: Pulp of 1 ripe wood apple fruit, 7 glass water, 1 cup sugar, and 2 teaspoons black Salt, 2 teaspoon Lemon juice, chopped Mint leaves, 2 teaspoons crushed Ginger and Ice cubes.

Cooking steps: Add wood apple, Water, sugar, black Salt, Lemon juice, Mint leaves, crushed Ginger in a mixer juicer and blend it until it becomes smooth. Then strain it into a glass with some ice cubes and serve it.


2. Wood apple tea

Ingredients: 1 cup pulp of wood apple fruit, 2 cup water, and sugar

Cooking steps: Boil the water and add wood apple and sugar into a pan. Mix it for 10 min until it turns brown and pour it into a cup and serve it.