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Yoga Bar 20G Protein Bar - Baked Brownie

Yoga Bar 20G Protein Bar - Baked Brownie

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60 gm

Product Description :

Yoga Bar's Protein Bars are perfect to be relished after a workout, or can be had as a healthy, protein packed mid-day or evening snack. Each bar contains 20 grams of complete Protein from Whey protein concentrate, Lentil protein and Almonds. The bar also has 300 mg of omega 3s from Flax seeds, and 10 grams of prebiotic fibre, which promotes gut microflora and gut health, while containing the lowest net carb content. Flavour: Baked Brownie Weight: 60 g

How to Use
Ready to eat. These delicious energy bars can be consumed as a pre or post workout snack, as a protein and fibre packed snack or as a meal replacement. Store in cool, hygenic and dry place.

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