Yoga Bar Multigrain Energy Bar - Nuts & Seeds

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Product Description :

Yoga Bar Multigrain Energy Bar - Nuts & Seeds is packed with nutrients and has a great taste. It is packed with Nuts and Seeds that give you a whole lot of protein and fibre. It contains 25 - 30% Whole grains & complex carbs from its healthy ingredients. It contains nuts like almonds, cashew, peanuts and seeds like Flax, Chia, Sunflower, etc. Carry it with you wherever you go bite into the scrumptious energy bar whenever you like.

Key Features

- More Protein, More Fibre : Yoga Bar put in all the good stuff and left out all the bad. So the next time you’re hungry, ditch the junk food and dig into something that is healthy.
- Nuts And Seeds : Packed with a whole lot of crunch and nutrition.
- Whole Lotta Whole Grains : Yoga Bar ensure that 30% of our bars are loaded with whole grains and complex carbs. Because good is better than easy.