Yum Some Bhakarwadi Packet- 200gm

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200 gm

Product Description:

Yumsome Bhakarwadi is a blend of taste and authenticity served to perfection with every bite. These small munchies are loaded with the authentic flavor of traditional spices used in the Maharashtra region of India. You will feel the sweet and namkeen buzz of masala loaded bakarwadi in every Yumsome packet. Enjoy them with your tea, or pack them along as traveling snacks.

About this Item:

- Best quality ingredients
- Ziplock packaging for long-lasting freshness
- Quantity 200 gm
- 100% vegetarian product
- Authentic taste

Customer Review

Sheetal February 18, 2022
good and fresh quality
Sheetal October 27, 2021
Very good quality
Vikas September 06, 2021
Pratik September 14, 2022
Good quality
Govind February 01, 2022
Good quality fresh iteam


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