Aabad Cow Ghee Jar

M.R.P: 685   Price: 600 12% off
1 L

Product Description :
- Cow Ghee is made from cow milk fat. Ghee is one of the main flavour-makers in Indian cuisine. Used at almost household on a daily basis, cow ghee can be used in making many amazing dishes.
- Aabad Cow Ghee is premium quality cow ghee which helps you keep warm, boosts memory, enhances digestion and gives several other health benefits. It further consists of antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties which makes your immune system strong. Aabad Cow Ghee adds a splendid taste to your food making people want more.
- Aabad Cow Ghee is available in different sizes and packs to suit the needs of each and every consumer.


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