Aashirvaad Vermicelli

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400 gm

Product Description :
Vermicelli (also known as semiya, shavige, seviyan) is a favourite ingredient for homemakers and has been used for generations. It is a light and healthy breakfast/ healthy snack option that is mostly used across households in the southern part of the country. It is rooted in tradition and holds high cultural significance. Vermicelli can be used across sweet or savory dishes and is enjoyed by the entire family. It is also actively consumed during festivals.
With Aashirvaad Vermicelli being a very versatile ingredient, the homemaker now has the option to create a multitude of recipes and dishes that adapt to newer tastes. Dishes like upma, tomato vermicelli, lemon vermicelli, biryani, pulao, khichdi, idli, patties, dosa, cutlets, potato nest, payasam, falooda etc. can be made using the very versatile and convenient Aashirvaad Vermicelli.
Aashirvaad Vermicelli packs the wholesome goodness of wheat in each strand and comes in two variants – Aashirvaad Roasted Vermicelli, Aashirvaad Non-Roasted Vermicelli across multiple grammages – 150g, 400g, 850g.
Aashirvaad Vermicelli is non-sticky and non-lumpy (No Pichik Pichik Only!) and ensures that the strands are separate in the final dish (when freshly cooked).
Features :
1. Aashirvaad Vermicelli is Made from Wheat
2. Aashirvaad Vermicelli is non-sticky and non-lumpy (No Pichik-Pichik only!)
3. Nutritious choice for the homemaker – can be consumed by everyone in the family
4. Aashirvaad Vermicelli is very versatile and convenient to use
5. Now prepare delicious dishes like Upma, Biryani, Pulao or desserts like Payasam, Sweet Semiya, faloods and more with Aashirvaad Vermicelli
6. Made in a fully automated state-of-the-art process ensuring a high-quality product from the house of Aashirvaad
7. Undergoes stringent quality tests to ensure superior and consistent quality of the vermicelli


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