Alziba Cares Glow Revival Face Wash Instant Glowing Skin WIth Vitamin E & Aloe Vera

M.R.P: 199   Price: 199
100 ml

Product Description

ALZIBA’s glow revival face wash is designed to specifically help you keep glowing. The face wash is packed with skin-loving natural ingredients, that deeply cleanse your face, boost your natural complexion and give it a radiant glow. Glow revival face wash is infused with Aloe Vera Extracts and Vitamin E which help you glow naturally. Feel fresh and get an instant glow as well with natural ingredients. Our Glow Revival face wash is made with the best quality natural ingredients and fits all skin types. This face wash comes with non-toxic, paraben-free cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. Al Ziba face wash is suitable for men & women.


Gives you glowing skin
Makes you feel fresh as it's made with natural ingredients 
Deep cleanses your face to help you get rid of impurities. 
Gives your natural complexion a boost.
Glycerine will help you combat skin dryness during winters. 

How To Use

Step 1:
Apply a small amount on your wet face
Step 2: Gently massage with your fingertips in a circular motion at least for 2 minutes
Step 3: Rinse with lukewarm or tap water. 
Step 4: Pat dry your face with a clean towel.


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