Amkette Car Mount Grip Easy View 642

M.R.P: 999   Price: 999
1 pc

Amkette Car Mount IGrip Easy View Mechanism and Design

The make of the Amkette iGrip Easy View boasts of unparalleled efficiency, durability as well as sleek looks. The car mount features:

  • Powerful Clamps: The Amkette Car Mount iGrip Easy View mount features sturdy clamps that wield tight grip on your smartphone in a soft cradle. The iGrip Easy View also facilitates easy release of your phone when you exit your vehicle.

  • Handy Dashboard Pad: It is provided for use on textured surfaces, which is ably supported by the dashboard mounting pad included in the Amkette iGrip Easy View package.

  • Super Sticky Gel: The high-quality sticky gel grips your smartphone robustly and keeps it intact on virtually any surface.

  • Sticky Gel Pad: It helps you eliminate air gaps from the surface it’s mounted on for keeping your phone secure.

  • Suction Cup: Super Sticky Gel-Based Suction Pad. The Amkette iGrip Easy View can be reused numerous times when rinsed with warm water and air dried.

  • Easy One-Handed Operation. The Amkette iGrip Easy View car mount can be operated safely with one hand for added convenience.


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