Amul Processed Cheese Cubes

M.R.P: 135   Price: 135

Product Description:
Amul Processed Cheese is amazing which is always mouth-watering to our tongue and gives us great taste wherever it is being used. These cubes are the pasteurized development cheddar cheese which is completed from Cheese, Common Salt, Sodium Citrate, Citric Acid, permitted normal colour - Annatto. It is completed from graded cow/buffalo milk using microbial rennet. These Cheese Cubes are recognized for the having awfully tasty flavour. Amul is a brand commonly known for offering the fresh dairy products since years and years. Enjoy the honesty of Amul processed cheese cubes which are seriously used in toppings certain stuffs.
Nutritional Facts :
Nutritional Information: Amount Per 100g, Energy, Kcal 320, Energy from fat, kcal 234, Total Fat, g 26, Saturated Fat g 16, Cholesterol, mg 70, Carbohydrates, g 1.5, Added Sugar, g 0.0, Sodium, mg 1400, Protein, g 20, Calcium, mg 343, Vitamin A, mcg 51.


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