Amul Shrikhand Mango

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Product Description:
Amul Mango Srikhand is a semi-soft slightly sour sweetish milk dessert which is prepared with the help of lactic fermented curd. The flavour of the mango adds a refreshing touch and you can enjoy the dessert in its chilled version on a hot summer day. The soft and uniform texture of the mango Srikhand ensures that you have every bit of goodness of the whole milk with each spoonful.
Nutritional Facts
The curd for Srikhand is partially strained with the help of cloth to remove the whey and produce a fine mass known as chakka. The chakka is then mixed with cream, sugar and mango flavour to produce a creamy rich texture which instantly dissolves in the mouth when you have a spoonful. This Srikhand is made under hygienic conditions and Amul never compromises on the quality of ingredients which make it a healthy choice for vegetarians. The milk is fully pasteurized before making the Srikhand, which means that it does not contain any harmful bacteria.
Amul Mango Srikhand comes in small cups which can be served to guests directly. This dairy product is rich in essential proteins and calcium which help in bone health. This is a wholesome food; it helps to absorb calcium and Vitamin B and gives you fuller feeling.
Features :
- Mango/Aam flavor
- Delicious & thick dessert
- Contains milk fat
- Serve chilled
- Available in pack sizes of 200 gm and 500 gm


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