Armor All Wash and Wax

M.R.P: 1500   Price: 1500
1420 ml

Armorall Armor All Wash and Wax with Jumbo Sponge (1420 ml, Medium)

Armorall Premium Wash & Wax :

Thick, rich suds gently lift dirt for an ultra-clean and shiny finish.

For best results, use on a cool car and in the shade.:

1. Rinse car to remove loose dirt.
2. Pour wash concentrate into a bucket and mix with ambient water (use 1 fl. oz. per gallon).
3. Wash car with a clean sponge, terry cloth or mitt.
4. Rinse car thoroughly from the top of the vehicle downwards.
5. For best results, dry immediately with soft, dry terry cloth or chamois.


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