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BaassFx Black Car D-Shaped Subwoofer-DT Leo 800

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Price: ₹ 9999.00  

1 pc

Product Description

BaassFx woofers and subwoofers bear an unmatched built-in quality to provide the best output. Subwoofer-DT Leo 800 is no less than any of the other products in this segment, and it is engineered for top-notch bass experience and unbeatable power handling. In addition, its unique design and technology will make your car groove with style.

Product Details-Highlights

· Carpet Finish

· MOSFET Amplifier for High Output

· Medium Density Fiberboard construction

· RMS Output 2000 Watts

· Peak Output 1400 Watts

· Low Distortion & Convenient Installation

· Provides Best Acoustic for Great Listening Experience

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